The Hope of Israel

The Hope of Israel

  • Are you unfamiliar with the Bible but curious about Israel?
  • Why all the fuss? Why does Israel seem so often to be in the news?
  • Are you a Bible student but have never really considered Israel to be an important part of the Bible’s message for you in 2017?

Ever since the creation of the modern state of Israel, countless efforts have come and gone hoping to create a peace between Israel and her neighbors. For some, it may seem reasonable to suppose that Israel ultimately has no hope, or that Israel’s consistent presence in the news and world conflict is unimportant. However, we believe that a careful reading of the entire word of God leaves us with no doubt that quite the opposite, there is no hope for mankind apart from the hope of Israel.


Why Israel Matters

The Promises to Israel

Israel Will be Saved

The Name of Jesus Christ

Israel’s Hope Soon to be Fulfilled